We have a new office address and will be calling Menara Perak our new home. Same Team, New Location.

Ammonia, Hydrogen, Methanol, LNG, MSR……we are hearing more of these somewhat esoteric alternative fuels as the need for decarbonisation is being realized, and acted upon, more widely. This reduction in harmful emissions from our fleet is of course an imperative and I don't think anyone would seriously question that. But the big question is, how?

Another warm welcome back up here on the Foc’sle, where our ever-chuffing train of thought leads us to the “Deer in the Headlights” syndrome.

As we celebrate Coastal Marine’s 10th anniversary this month, we want to mark this milestone through a video thanking all those who have supported us and showcasing our people, our driving principles, and what we believe lies ahead.