coastal marine website launch

Coastal Marine Website Launch

NEWS | April 2022
The last three years has been a time of significant growth for us, with new business, new friends, new partners, new staff and now a new logo and website.

The company’s focus remains one hundred percent marine and, as our business producers know, our “sweet spot” is the brown water sector where we take great pride in the business we lead, including some relationships with Insureds going back more than 5 years, and this, we believe, is a result of the level-headed approach we have taken to losses, as well as the risk management input we offer to our insureds.

As we increase our online presence by starting our official LinkedIn and Facebook accounts, we hope to increase our engagement with our producing brokers and insureds together with a greater insight into the company via our new website. We will also be using these platforms to provide you with more useful information on marine-related subjects through monthly blog publications discussing both old and new issues within the industry.

We are looking forward to engaging with you as your marine insurance expert.